Welcome to Indie Story Games

An indie gaming website focused on games with stories to tell and the developers behind them.

We started as a couple of friends who had a slight video game addiction, particularly when it came to the story heavy gems we found in the indie game scene. Within a few months, we evolved into a larger community of diverse gamers, but with the same goal in mind as always: to bring more attention to the stories indie games, and their developers, want to tell. As such, our focus remains on narrative-driven games that spark a conversation as well as spotlighting the developers and studios behind them.

The Articles

Most of our articles will be written in a more personal manner than what you're used to seeing in reviews and game journalism these days, but will still maintain a high standard of writing. We want to start accessible and engaging discussions about the games and stories we love and the people behind them rather than chase the latest trends.

Here are the types of articles you'll find on Indie Story Games:

  • Reviews and discussions about both old and new story heavy games
  • Dev spotlights where we play and discuss all the games by a developer or studio we love and sometimes even interview or hold AMAs with them!
  • Our picks which are lists of the best indie games summarized under a certain theme
  • Opinion or analysis articles with our thoughts around gaming topics in general
  • Occasionally, we'll also talk about some not story rich indie games we really enjoyed

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The Videos

We're just getting started here, but we have a lot of plans! Aside from posting trailers for our articles and favorite games, we aim to create videos to go with our themed list-type articles, video game analyses, developer spotlight articles, and developer interviews. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay updated!

The Community

We created a new Discord server not too long ago, but the community is already growing steadily. We aim to build a personal, cozy community and connect readers, gamers, and indie developers. Anyone can join to sit in on live game developer interviews in server calls, participate in developer AMAs that we'll host, drop article and interview requests, or just chat with other gamers and devs who love story rich indie games.

The Website

There's one last thing we want to mention—our website will be a user-first experience. Most sites these days have horrible user interfaces and user experience or are flooded with ads. Our aim is to maximize the quality of the reading and browsing experience and minimize the distractions and advertisements—you'll only see one here or there, and they'll be unintrusive.

As a result, we'll need more support in other ways, such as through our Patreon or Ko-fi. If you love our content, please consider supporting us however you can—even if just by sharing our stuff!

The Staff

This would not be possible without our amazing staff of editors and writers! Check out their pages and contact information here.