Advertise With Indie Story Games

Our website is a user-first experience. Most sites these days, especially game, blog, or news sites, have horrible user interfaces and user experience or are flooded with ads.

Our aim is to maximize the quality of the reading and browsing experience and minimize the distractions and advertisements—there'll only be one here or there, and they'll be unintrusive, native ads.

Where Ads Can Be Placed

Ads and sponsored content currently can be placed at the end of articles above the comments section, in the mix of our home page articles, and on our Steam key giveaway section. We will also feature sponsored trailers with related, approved content in the top spots of our soon to be launched trailers section.

Additionally, we have a newsletter with hundreds of subscribers with space for ads in the forms of both text and images. In certain cases, we can also share sponsored content with our Discord community and on our Twitter.

Outside of ad space, we will also write sponsored articles in some specific cases if very closely related to the kind of topics Indie Story Games is all about and only if we genuinely stand behind the game, brand, or product.


If you'd like to advertise with us within this model or want more information on the specifics, our policies, analytics, or anything else, please contact us at