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Warren Lee


About the Author

I am a native San Franciscan whose first contact with video games came in the form of my cousin’s Taiwanese Famicom. We would while away the hours playing “Super Ramio Bros” on a cartridge that purported to hold 100 games when in reality some were duplicates with a few lines of code changed to display alternate colors. My second contact with video games came when my father came home with a 486 Dx2 IBM PC clone on which I played the cd-rom version of *The Secret of Monkey Island* and *The 7th Guest* and though the PC was meant for productivity, I used it for anything but. My third contact with video games was in college when I purchased my first Playstation game console and my first game was Dino Crisis. I was originally inspired by borrowing a friend’s Playstation and playing Metal Gear Solid for hours on end.

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