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Take a Minute to Check Out Minute of Islands

Brenda Zhang

March 13, 2021

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Minute of Islands from Studio Fizbin and Mixtvision Games is a beautifully illustrated story rich adventure coming to PC, Mac, and the Nintendo Switch on March 18, 2021. I'm super excited to experience the journey in this rich world that promises to be full of stories, emotion, and quirky characters.

Update: As of March 2021, there is no longer a release date. For more information, check out Minute of Islands on Twitter.

In Minute of Islands, you play as a young tinkerer named Mo, born on an archipelago, who discovers various realms and islands of the fantastical world around her. As she ventures forward to regain control over engines hidden at the core of their islands, you meet all sorts of creatures, discover secrets, and uncover a dark truth.

Most of the gameplay is comprised of story-oriented puzzles and platforming over a backdrop of beautiful atmospheric soundtrack. From the looks of it, the developers seem to use the potential of the medium of video games to its fullest to tell a deep emotional story well.

The puzzles are not gimmicky or unrelated to the story, but rather flow well as points of progression in the narrative. Don't believe me? Just some of the many things you'll have to do along your adventure are: pickpocket to get an item you need, operate a boat, and of course use your powerful Omni Switch to control giants' machines.

Their narrative and gameplay is handled in a way that reminds me of Welcome to Elk, despite their completely different art and story-telling styles.


While the gameplay sounds intriguing enough by itself, attention also has to be given to the comic art style 2D visuals too. The illustrations are intricate, the colors are vibrant, and the scenes are awe-inspiring. In fact, the art is so nice that many of your screenshots could probably make for beautiful desktop wallpapers.

I'm absolutely looking forward to picking up this title and spending many, many minutes playing Minute of Islands.






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